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Spanaway Dog Training

With our expert trainers you can expect an improved relationship with your dog, enhanced socialization and behavioral control. You will see a considerable difference with your dog right away because of how we engage the dog into our training. We treat each dog the way they should be treated. We assess each dog so we can provide the proper training so it sticks. We are very confident in the way we handle your dog. You’ll be recommending your friends and family to us. 
Tired of being told that your old dog can perform new tricks? Tired of poor behaviors from your dog and the lack of obedience? If so, call Bob Smith K9 253-606-5651 or go to the website and take our online assessment. We do this so we can get critical insight about your dog. We want to ensure that your training is effective so you and your dog will have the necessary tools to succeed. From obedience to companionship and basic commands, your dog will improve and you will have the confidence to master your dog. 
With over 50 years of experience from our master trainer Mr. Bob Smith you’ll be glad your dog is trained here. Mr. Bob Smith’s philosophy is simple “No Dog Left Behind”. He is committed and dedicated to your dog. He trains all of his staff on techniques that have stood the test of time. Go online and look at his reviews and you’ll see why he has so much success training dogs. Bob Smith’s K9 is proficient in many training disciplines. Have a question or need clarification on what we do and how we do it call us at 253-606-5651. We have training programs that will fit the needs of your dog. It is very important to us that we provide exceptional training and outstanding customer service to you as an owner. 
We ask that you go to our website and do the dog evaluation so we can understand the needs of your dogs. The evaluation is important so that we receive information prior to the start of your training to help provide proper training. 
Come on by and talk to our master trainer Mr. Bob Smith. He’s personal, funny and has over 50 years of dog training experience. We are located at 11816 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma, WA 98444. Or simply just call us at 253-606-5651. 
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