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Do you work during the day and come later in the evening? Have items that need to be protected such as; house, family and other precious items. Well, having a dog that has been trained to protect your home can provide you another level of security.

Bob Smith K9 has been Training Dogs for over 50 years to secure the premises to protect the things that your value the most. Training your dog to be an expert “watch dog” is more than just a bark. Training your dog takes expertise, skill and patience. Bob Smith’s team is highly trained and has the knowledge needed to train your dog how to be an effective watchdog. It is more than barking, it is educating your dog that there is a potential threat to thwart any intruders.

Dogs are like humans in so many ways. They need to be trained and taught what to look for in a possible threat. Bob Smith K9 teaches the fundamentals to ensure your dog is behaving correctly in incidents where it requires aggressive behavior.

As a pet owner, you need to know how your dog will respond if there is a possible threat and you need to know what to do to de-escalate your dog’s behavior when the threat has subsided. You and your dog must work together to achieve proper safety measures for the things that you love. 
All training isn’t the same and may not have the same effects on the behavior of the dog. It is critical that you find a trainer with the knowledge and the technical know-how to properly train your dog. With over 50 years of experience by having trained thousands of dogs from different personality sets we are certain that we will train your dog efficiently and effectively. 
Call Bob Smith here in Spanaway, WA. We have the skill, knowledge, technical experience and the patience to turn your dog into the protector that you so desperately need. 
We have open classes. Call now before spots fill out 253-606-5651.
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