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Lakewood Dog Training

Dog trainer in Lakewood, WA that specializes in helping dogs succeed with their owners and others around them. Bob Smith K9 is a highly skilled dog training facility with over 50 years of training experience. All dogs are special and we want them to be trained to their greatest potential. We give the dog training on basic commands, obedience and socialization. It is important to us that the dog and the owner work in harmony to create a unique and special bond. Have an old dog that won’t learn a new trick? Don’t worry because at Bob Smith K9 we understand the importance of helping your dog achieve training that is specialized to the dog’s uniqueness and give the owner the confidence to master.

So why Bob Smith K9? Highly trained staff that knows how to relax the dog and properly train each dog. Master trainer Bob Smith is a lover of dogs and has successfully trained over 1000 dogs over his 50 years in training dogs. Look online at our reviews and decide for yourself why you should come to Bob Smith K9. 

Expert Trainers

With our expert trainers you can expect an improved relationship with your dog, enhanced socialization and behavioral control. You will see a considerable difference with your dog right away because of how we engage the dog into our training. We treat each dog the way they should be treated. We assess each dog so we can provide the proper training so it sticks. We are very confident in the way we handle your dog. You’ll be recommending your friends and family to us. 
Our website is very customer centric and gives you critical information to help you make an informed decision. Also we have various types of training for your dog. From Obedience to comfort/service dog we can handle. If you’re in the area stop by our location at 11816 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma, WA 98444. It’s ok, you can even bring your dog without any appointment. Please check our website for times we are there. 
We have various certifications in dog training and we continue to innovate our training techniques so your dog receives first class training. Call now at 253-606-5651 
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