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Dog Barking Tacoma

Does your dog bark constantly for no reason or another? Is your dog aggressive to you and others for no reason or another? These are signs that the dog is either stressed and has some behavioral concerns that need to be handled. Sometimes, as owners we don’t know what to do when these symptoms are present. We oftentimes, lash back at the dog which only makes the problem worse.

Here at Bob Smith K9 we treat every dog with respect and love. We want to ensure that we give your dog the best possible treatment to cure behavior issues and equip you the owner with tools as well so your dog can be whole and healthy.

Bob Smith k9, in Tacoma WA, has over 50 years of Experience Training Dogs to be their best. The staff is well trained and has been taught by a highly skilled master trainer. It is important that you seek out the right trainer who can quickly size up your dog to provide sound and proper training. Doesn’t matter what the situation is; a dog that constantly barks, aggressive behavior, non-compliant and issues around socializing. If any of these situations are present, it is time you give Bob Smith K9 a call. It’s important that you do this ASAP so your dog doesn’t cause harm to you or anyone else.

We are committed to providing outstanding customer service to ensure your dog receives superior training. We have training that will suit your dog’s needs and we also provide you, the owner, with basic commands to help you master your dog.

Call Bob Smith K9 at 253-606-5651 to start your training today. You will be glad to work with a dedicated group of dog training professionals.

Bob Smith K9 is conveniently located off Hwy 512 in the Parkland/Tacoma area. We are ready to serve you and your dog.

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