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Aggressive Dog Tacoma

Angry Dog issues Tacoma

An angry, aggressive dog can not only be harmful to others but also to the owner. Dogs can experience anxiety and mood swings just like humans. We all need a little mental care. Your dog is no different. Sometimes, it is a matter of training and providing the dog and you the necessary tools to coexist. Angry and aggressive dogs can lead to excessive barking, growling and other behaviors that can drive you and your neighbors insane.

Here at Bob Smith K9 training facility, we understand dogs. We get dogs and we train dogs. If your dog is important to you, which we know they are, you should strongly consider getting your dog some training to help with those anxiety or behavioral issues. So why Bob Smith K9? Our master trainer Bob Smith, has over 50 years of training dogs. He is a magician when it comes to dogs. He understands how to maneuver his way around dogs. He sets the tone and accurately provides the proper training the dog needs. The Bob Smith’s K9 staff is competent, trained and customer centric. They understand that your dog is important and train every dog with gentleness and care.

All you need to do is call, text or email us with your dog’s concern and we’ll get your dog into the appropriate training module. It’s important that you don’t delay as you don’t want an aggressive dog that you can’t handle. Even if you are not sure of the exact problem, chances are we have seen these types of behaviors. Barking constantly, we have seen it and there are steps to mitigate the problem. Most owners may not even know that their dog is under stress that they can not even begin to articulate.

We are here ready and waiting for you and your dog. You’ll be glad you took the step to getting your dog the proper training it needs.

Call now 253-606-5651. We are conveniently located off of 512 and Pacific. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Aggressive Dog Tacoma
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