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Specializing in canine socialization and behavior modification


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Bob Smith K-9 Association

Cane Corso Puppies For Sale              3 Females   1 Male           Call Bob for information on these SUPER Cane Corso Puppies

Bob's K-9 Association wants you to Stop Living in Fear. We provide Loyalty, Protection and Peace of MIND.
If your friends or a neighbors have a problem, give us a call at  (253) 606-5651.


If your dog is disobedient and doesn't listen to your commands or is actually aggressive and does not respond to your attempts to
establish yourself as the alpha member of your relationship or if you find yourself in a situation where you are afraid to let your dog be around other people,
then your dog needs behavior modification. Any dog, regardless of the breed, is only as dangerous as the people responsible for it allows it to be.

Socialize, don't euthanize! The humane solution to dog aggression. It is not difficult to learn how to modify
your dog's behavior. Bob Smith can teach you a friendly one-on-one environment.

Bob Smith expects a dog to respect him, cooperate and do what the dog has been trained to do. Over the years, Bob has discovered that the majority of dog problems
are actually human problems. If your dog has not had obedience training or the training was not successful, if you rescued a dog from a abusive situation and the dog now
has anxiety issues, or if you are sending mixed messages that has your dog confused, then you need to talk to a qualified dog behavior modification specialist like Bob.
He will tell you the truth in a soft spoken, respectful way and help you learn dog behavior modification techniques to create a well-socialized and respectful companion animal.

Cane Corso Puppies For Sale
3 Females - 1 Male
 Blue Female   ●   Black & Tan Female   ●   Cream Female   ●   Brindle Male

"Toughy Two" Just Hangin' Out "Toughy One" Hey...isn't it feeding time yet?  

Call Bob at (253) 606-5651 for information on these super Cane Corso Puppies

Bob Smith K-9 Association is Located in Lakewood, Washington
 Bob Smith K-9 Association
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